Books in Urdu:

Jang-e Azadi Sey Hasooley Azadi Tak  (A book on the history of Pakistan Movement) Sang-e Meel Publishers, Lahore, 1977   

Inkhilac (Uprooting) Book I of a Trilogy entitled Exiles, The Circle, Lahore, 1988

Inqtac (Severance) Book II of the Trilogy (Exiles)Leo Books, Islamabad, 1994

Diwan-al-Hallaj (Arabic text with Urdu translation, introduction and notes), Danyal, Karachi, 1997

Herman Melville: Life and Works  Serialized in   Savera, Lahore, 1995-98



More than fifty literary articles and short stories in Urdu published in various journals in Pakistan, India and Canada.


Works in Progress

Inqtaf (The Gleaning), Book III of the Trilogy, Exiles ( in Urdu)