Books on Islam

The Qur'an, Orientalism, and
the Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an

Journal of Qur'anic Research and Studies
Volume 3 Issue 5 2008

Western Academia and the Qur'an: Some Enduring Prejudices
(The Muslim World Book Review, 30:1, 2009, pp. 6-18)

Book reviews published in Islam & Science (access through subscription or local/univeristy library)

Pietro Croce, Vivisection or Science? An Investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health (3:1)
M. I. H. Farooqi, Plants of the Qur’an (3:2)
M. I. H. Farooqi, Medicinal Plants in the Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad: Scientific Study of the Prophetic Medicine, Food and Perfumes (Aromatics) (3:2)
Gad Freudenthal, Science in the Medieval Hebrew and Arabic Traditions (4:2)
Jan P. Hogendijk and Abdelhamid I. Sabra: The Enterprise of Science in Islam—New Perspectives (2:1)
Muhammad Ali Khalidi (ed.), The Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings (4:2)
David King, World-Maps for Finding the Direction and Distance to Mecca: Innovation and Tradition in Islamic Science (1:1)
David King, In Synchrony with the Heavens: Studies in Astronomical Timekeeping and Instrumentation in Medieval Islamic Civilization (4:1)
Daniel A. Madigan, The Qurān’s Self-Image: Writing and Authority in Islam’s Scripture (2:1)
Paul Lettinck, Aristotle’s Meteorology and its Reception in the Arab World (2:1)
Sarah Stroumsa, Freethinkers of Medieval Islam (2:1)
Bron R. Taylor et al, The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Nature (4:1)
The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture:
Volume 2: The Individual and Society in Islam, Bouhdiba (Chief Editor) and M. Macruf al-Dawalibi (Co-Editor)
Volume 4: Science and Technology in Islam, Prof. A. Y. al-Hassan (Editor), Prof. Maqbul Ahmed, and Prof. A. Z. Iskandar (Co-Editors)
Volume 5: Culture and Learning in Islam, Ekmeleddine Ihsanoğlu (Chief Editor) (4:2)
Brian Tokar (ed.), Redesigning Life? The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering (3:1)