Literature & Literary Criticism


Books (English)

Abdullah Hussein: From Sad Generations to a Lonely Tiger,

South Asian Centre, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 1985

Reprinted as Abdullah Hussein: The Chronicler of Sad Generations, Leo Books, Islamabad, 1993


Edited Works (English)

Pakistani Literature (ed.) vol. 1, 2 and 4

The Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad 1992-93

Colours of Loneliness

An anthology of Pakistani Literature, Oxford University Press, 1999


Shorter Writings

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez C Winner of 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Nov. 26, 1982

“Abdullah Hussein and Elias Canetti: My Obsession with their Obsessions”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, May 20, 1983

“Fiction Minus Fantastic”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, August 5, 1983

“Jaroslav Seifert C Winner of 1984 Nobel Prize for Literature”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Dec. 6, 1984

“Faruq Hassan’s Nai Purani Nazmain”

Annual of Urdu Studies, Chicago, No. 5, 1985, pp. 130-136

“Abdullah Hussein: Night and Other Stories”

World Literature Today, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, Spring 1985, p. 320

“Nabokov on Russian Masters”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Jan. 25, 1985

“Thus Spoke the Master”

Urdu Canada, Ottawa, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1986, pp. 90-95

“Urdu’s Tacit Lover”

Annual of Urdu Studies, Chicago, No. 6, 1987, pp. 116-129

“Urdu Calligrapher in the Computer”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Oct. 30, 1987

“Urdu in Canada: A Plea to the Urdu Speaking Population of Canada”

In Across Continents: A Review of Urdu Language and Literature in Canada National Federation of Pakistani Canadians, Ottawa, Canada, 1988

“Time Through the Ages”

(Chapters three and four of a novel) in Annual of Urdu Studies, Chicago, No. 7, 1990, pp. 53-61

“Strange Case of Quratul Ain Hyder”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, May 26, 1989

“Farewell to a Generation”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Feb. 17, 1989

“The Slow Wilting of Innocence”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, Dec. 8, 1989

“Developments in Urdu Software”

The Pakistan Times, Lahore, June 8, 1990


Books in Urdu:

Jang-e Azadi Sey Hasooley Azadi Tak  (A book on the history of Pakistan Movement) Sang-e Meel Publishers, Lahore, 1977   

Inkhilac (Uprooting) Book I of a Trilogy entitled Exiles, The Circle, Lahore, 1988

Inqtac (Severance) Book II of the Trilogy (Exiles)Leo Books, Islamabad, 1994

Diwan-al-Hallaj (Arabic text with Urdu translation, introduction and notes), Danyal, Karachi, 1997

Herman Melville: Life and Works  Serialized in   Savera, Lahore, 1995-98



More than fifty literary articles and short stories in Urdu published in various journals in Pakistan, India and Canada.


Unpublished Works

Khutbaat-e Gharb

Thirteen Khutbaat delivered at the Islamic Centre Mosque, Saskatoon, Sask. (1990-1995) 

Reflections on Islam and Muslims  Collection of articles (1990-1996)


Works in Progress

Dawn in Madinah: A Pilgrim’s Passage

Muhammad Asad: A Biography

Beyond the Second Invasion: Islam and Muslims in the Twenty-first Century

Intellectual History of Islam

Inqtaf (The Gleaning), Book III of the Trilogy, Exiles ( in Urdu)