Books (English)

Abdullah Hussein: From Sad Generations to a Lonely Tiger, South Asian Centre, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 1985

Reprinted as Abdullah Hussein: The Chronicler of Sad Generations, Leo Books, Islamabad, 1993

Edited Works (English)

Pakistani Literature (ed.) vol. 1, 2 and 4

The Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad 1992-93

Colours of Loneliness An Anthology of Pakistani Literature, Oxford University Press, 1999


Books in Urdu:

Jang-e Azadi Sey Hasooley Azadi Tak  (A book on the history of Pakistan Movement) Sang-e Meel Publishers, Lahore, 1977   

Inkhilac (Uprooting) Book I of a Trilogy entitled Exiles, The Circle, Lahore, 1988

Inqtac (Severance) Book II of the Trilogy (Exiles)Leo Books, Islamabad, 1994

Diwan-al-Hallaj (Arabic text with Urdu translation, introduction and notes), Danyal, Karachi, 1997

Herman Melville: Life and Works Serialized in Savera, Lahore, 1995-98